Electroblock Problems

Electroblock problems

If you have problems with your Elektroblock, send it back to SCHAUDT.  It will save time and dealership costs.  Their address can be found on the conformance certificate or Schuadt GmbH – Elektrotechnik & App – bau, AM Stadtgraben 2588677 Markdorf Germany They are close to Meersburgh by Lake Bodensee on the German – Swiss border
Info from N Abbott

Further information. I have been informed that Leisure Electronics based in Wales also repair Electrobloks. Available via www.leisureelectronicrepairs.co.uk or email electronicservice@tiscali.co.uk.
Info from forum Nigel Abbott

Another source for repairs: Allan Evans of A and N Motorhome services have indicated that they are able to repair and supply new Schaudt Elektrobloc items including Control panel meters, connectors, solar regulating connecting cables, solar regulators, windscreen wiper controllers etc. See their website at http://aandnmotorhomeservices.co.uk. most repairs turned around in 48 hours
Info from Martin Ellis